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About me

Hey! Name's Linas, I'm a photographer based in Kaunas, Lithuania and I specialize in dynamic outdoor portraits, product photos, concerts, landscapes and I also dabble in experimental photography.

My journey with photography only started relatively recently, in about the middle of 2019, but with enough drive and passion I can say that my progression has been quite substantial.

My style of photography you could say is more akin to the style used in movies and other types of film, with a touch of amateurish glee and fun . I try to achieve a more cinematic-like look in my photos since I feel that makes everything pop and stand out in a really nice way.

The entire goal with photography for me is to bring out those small little details in someone or something that people might not notice while walking past, having a conversation or whatever else, since I feel like those small details are the ones that really give character to the subject and make it unique. Whether it's scar, an imperfection, a broken tile or whatever else.